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Re: Another bug (was Emacs: 2 GTK hiccups)

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Another bug (was Emacs: 2 GTK hiccups)
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 23:31:26 +0100

There are two different mouse wheel modes, depending on whether the mouse is over the window, or over the GTK scroll bar. Especially amusing is that over the scrollbar, there is a very original behaviour: the first line of the window scrolls sideways! If the buffer is not very big, the characters trickle in or out at the left margin one by one. For bigger buffers, this happens a few characters at a time, for every mouse-4 or mouse-5 event.

But Lucid scrolling was also hairy. Especially in comint, I sometimes got a display of an empty first line, even though it wasn't empty.

This happens on all Emacs versions, see the thread "Strange text scrolling with Emacs + GTK" in emacs-devel.

I've been trying to get the GTK scroll bars to behave for about nine months (off and on), but GTK really does not support a lot of different behaviours. The GTK people have said that they will not change GTK for the sake of Emacs in this regard, since the Emacs behaviour is so uncommon.

It's true that it's uncommon, but it would be way cool for other apps as well! For example in a browser, the last page will scroll only by half on average. That means lost time scanning the whole screen to find where I was. Doing a grey overlay that fades out, or an overlay line where the window edge was, would be an alternative to the Emacs way. But doing nothing is a *big* nuisance!

For now, the alternatives looks like either keep the current behaviour or remove GTK scroll bars. I don't think a thing like this should hold up the release. It is all very well talking about fancy behaviours, it is another to implement them, be it GTK or Emacs developers. I am not sure this is interesting for gtk-devel, it is after all an Emacs policy to have a very uncommon behaviour. We can't expect toolkits to change if there is no general benefit involved. After all, one part of having toolkits is uniform behaviour across applications.

        Jan D.

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