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Re: Loop in x-file-dialog under MS Windows

From: jasonr
Subject: Re: Loop in x-file-dialog under MS Windows
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 10:36:06 +0100
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Quoting Ralf Angeli <address@hidden>:

> AUCTeX calls `read-file-name' (and consequently `x-file-dialog') with
> the string "<default>" as argument for the default file name.  We have
> various reports where this call, when invoked from a menu, led to a
> loop which made Emacs unresponsive until `C-g' was typed.  This
> happens only under MS Windows.
> The simplest testcase I can come up with is this:
> (x-file-dialog "" "" "<default>")

x-file-dialog on Windows calls completing-read as a backup if the dialog fails
(which it does in this case due to invalid characters in the default file
name). But it does this with input blocked! The BLOCK/UNBLOCK_INPUT block needs
to be tighter around the dialog function that actually needs it. The Mac code
has the same bug.

I will not have access to CVS until at least Friday, so can someone else fix
this please.

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