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Re: [Aquamacs-bugs] Re: Cannot execute Latex From Emacs-->Auctex

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: [Aquamacs-bugs] Re: Cannot execute Latex From Emacs-->Auctex
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 16:04:20 +0100

On 7 Jun 2005, at 15:28, Richard Stallman wrote:

What is "Aquamacs", and why are bugs in it being reported here?

Aquamacs Emacs is a distribution of Emacs that comes packaged with a number of (non-standard) extensions that modify the user interface of Emacs and deal with issues specific to Mac OS X. Currently, I compile CVS sources (Mac/Carbon port) with a few added and published patches and add the Aquamacs-specific code (in site-lisp) as well as the Emacs manual (converted to work with OS X's help system) and an Aquamacs manual.

Users report bugs to this list because they use the bug-reporting function from within Emacs.

Information is available via http://www.aquamacs.org/ , sources and latest beta versions on http://sourceforge.net/projects/aquamacs

I can change that of course and have the bug reports sent to the Aquamacs internal list; someone would then forward to the gnu.org lists those bugs that we think are not Aquamacs-specific, provided developers deal with the users directly to resolve the bugs. (The risk may be that bug reports get lost on the way, because they are not dealt with.)

Let me know if I should do that.

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