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Re: makefile-mode font-lock bugs and annoyances

From: Daniel Pfeiffer
Subject: Re: makefile-mode font-lock bugs and annoyances
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 00:33:10 +0200
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la 10.06.2005 00:20 Kim F. Storm skribis:
Daniel Pfeiffer <address@hidden> writes:

The default for emacs should be to treat ALL makefiles as GNU makefiles.

Emacs own makefiles are not GNU make, being auto* based it uses plain
make as do many other GNU projects. 

In what way is emacs' makefile _incompatible_ with GNU Make?

Or put another way, what part of the file is fontified _incorrectly_
if treated as a GNU Makefile?
ifdef, $(patsubst) and all that.  I was completely astounded to find that Emacs is not meant to be built with gmake, and I would have inadvertantly put these in, had I felt the need.  Emacs itself would have strengthened my belief that this is right, and then it would have broken it for all people and/or platforms without gmake. 

Note that I'm not arguing against the choice of automake here.  It may make sence for a lot of underequipped machines.  I'm only saying, if there is such a choice, it should be clear.
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