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Re: Problems with unicode chars in GTK menus

From: jhd
Subject: Re: Problems with unicode chars in GTK menus
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 08:58:30 +0200

After executing the following code

(easy-menu-define test-menu (current-local-map) "doc"
   (,(concat (string (decode-char 'ucs 915)) " \\Gamma"))
   ("G \\Gamma")))

in an Emacs compiled with support for GTK menus, there will be a new
"xxx" menu with two entries.  I expected the first menu entry to show
an upper case gamma, a space and the string "\Gamma".  But the space
and the backslash don't come out right.  The characters look similar
to a "normal" space and backslash, but appear too wide.  You should
see this by comparing the first menu entry with the second.  The
latter shows a "normal" space and backslash.

This is a GTK thing, I can reproduce it with a tiny GTK program. If the default font does not have the character (gamma) GTK tries another font and that may look different than the default one. I am not sure why the \ looks different though. I've filed a GTK bug on that:


This has been resolved now as a WONTFIX:

"------- Additional Comments From Owen Taylor  2005-06-12 00:05 -------
This is "working as intended" - Pango has no real way of knowing that
you weren't writing greek text and thus wanted punctuation from the
greek font."

One workaround is to change the positions:

(easy-menu-define test-menu (current-local-map) "doc"
   (,(concat "\\Gamma " (string (decode-char 'ucs 915))))
   ("\\Gamma G")))

    Jan D.

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