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buffer list not sensitive to mouse-1-click-follows-links

From: Drew Adams
Subject: buffer list not sensitive to mouse-1-click-follows-links
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 15:40:45 -0700

In *Buffer List*, mouse-2 on the header line sorts. mouse-1 does not have
this effect, even if mouse-1-click-follows-links is non-nil. Header-line
links/buttons work with mouse-1 in Info, but not in Buffer List.

Is this a bug?

Is mouse-1-click-follows-links intended to activate only links or buttons
too, for mouse-1? That is, should it have an effect on buttons on the header
and mode lines, and buttons in other places, or not? If not, is there a
similar user option to control mouse-1 activity for buttons?

Especially if mouse-1-click-follows-links is non-nil by default, new users
will expect mouse-1 to not only follow links but work on buttons also.
Especially for buttons on the header line and mode-line, which are less
obviously buttons, new users will be likely to remain unaware of mode-line
and header-line activities.

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