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Re: `make-frame' makes taller frame than the specified height

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: `make-frame' makes taller frame than the specified height
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 01:36:57 -0400

    Is it only to me?  The height of the new frame grows by 3 when
    evaluating the following form:

    (let ((params (frame-parameters (selected-frame))))
      (make-frame (delq (assq 'minibuffer params) params)))

About 10 years ago I tried hard to fix that problem, or a similar
problem.  I debugged a case where the size or position parameters (I
am not sure, but I think it was position) as read didn't quite match
those that were specified, and I fixed the bug by counter-adjusting
them.  Unfortunately there was a different case where the old code was
right and the adjustment was wrong.  I found that out a few months
later, at which point I no longer remembered the details of the first
case, so I had no way to try to determine the difference between the
cases or try to design a system that would work in general.

I think that whole part of Emacs needs to be rewritten by someone
who understands Xt much better than I do, and knows the right way
to do these things.  Until that is done, I think fixing one case
will tend to break another case.

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