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Re: Can't enter filenames with spaces

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: Can't enter filenames with spaces
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 18:01:15 +0100

On 25 Jun 2005, at 14:16, David Reitter wrote:

As it stands, it seems that one cannot save a buffer to a new file with a name that contains space characters, at least not in a straightforward way.

The reason is that the minibuffer that prompts for input does not accept space as an input character for the string that is read - even though space is a perfectly valid character is modern file systems.

Since I was getting the hint that I can quote the space character with C-q, I would like to add:

How is a user supposed to know about C-q? Checking the manual for something as simple as entering a file name is ridiculous, and even if you do a C-h k C-x C-f (which is probably the obvious place for a new user to look).

I mean, you could theoretically assign something like 'view file' to 'v', even in the minibuffer. The reason it's not done is that it's confusing! Keys need to have predictable functions out of the box, and the only predictable function for the space bar is to enter a space character.

Let the user use the manual for advanced things - like completing a file name, but only the next word.

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