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Re: Can't enter filenames with spaces

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: Can't enter filenames with spaces
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 02:09:11 +0100

On 26 Jun 2005, at 01:24, Miles Bader wrote:

How is a user supposed to know about C-q? Checking the manual for
something as simple as entering a file name is ridiculous, and even
if you do a C-h k C-x C-f (which is probably the obvious place for a
new user to look).

C-q has nothing to do with "entering a file name", it's a general
emacs editing command.  It's something that users should know about
regardless (and is covered in the tutorial).

You can get far without knowing it. And if you don't know it and can't enter a file name using the obvious keys, well then the user looks up the help entry to find-file. Of course the input is not handled by the interactive find-file, we know that. But a user doesn't.

I gave the example about defining 'v' as 'view' in such a situation. You can do that, of course, and put it somewhere in a manual. If a user asks or complains, you can always point to page 378 of the manual. But this is obviously not a satisfying solution.

Mapping the space bar to some function used to be alright. But for several years now, spaces in file names have been perfectly acceptable. That should prompt a revision of the input strategy.

Is the minibuffer-complete-word function useful in the case of file names?

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