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RE: DEL key doesn't kill mouse-dragged region

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: DEL key doesn't kill mouse-dragged region
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 14:53:20 -0800

    > It's not worth continuing this thread now, but I wonder if it
    > wouldn't be
    > worthwhile looking into the use patterns sometime later. It's
    > possible that
    > Richard uses t-m mode differently from Stefan and I. If we
    > looked into this
    > a little more (later), we might be able to either improve it
    > (for Richard's
    > use case) or document "best practices" that would mention various use
    > patterns.

    I suspect that Richard heavily uses marks to navigate, whereas
    I only use
    them to select a piece of text.  The fact that both of them use C-SPC is
    probably the source of the problem.  I suspect that he'd find
    transient-mark-mode much less aggravating if C-SPC didn't
    activate the mark
    (and he'd probably also want to set mark-even-if-inactive to t).

Now this is getting interesting - this is something to look into later. It
might be that we can tweak the design so everyone is satisfied. But we
should not discuss this now: it's clear that this is not going to change for
this release.

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