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map-keymap doc not clear

From: Drew Adams
Subject: map-keymap doc not clear
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 16:18:51 -0800

I don't understand the doc string of `map-keymap', which is paraphrased in
the elisp manual without any additional info.

Here's the doc string;

 Call FUNCTION for every binding in KEYMAP.
 FUNCTION is called with two arguments: the event and its binding.
 If KEYMAP has a parent, the parent's bindings are included as well.
 This works recursively: if the parent has itself a parent, then the
 grandparent's bindings are also included and so on.

1. It's not clear to me what is meant by "the event" and "its binding".
Aren't we talking here about a key sequence and its binding in KEYMAP?

Isn't "key sequence" the more general and preferred term, instead of
"event"? If we said "key" or "key sequence" instead of "event", then "its
binding" would be clear enough to me, but with "event" I wonder what "its
binding" is too.

2. Is FUNCTION really called once for each binding in KEYMAP, or is it
called once for each key sequence in KEYMAP? If two key sequences are bound
to the same command in KEYMAP, is FUNCTION called twice for that command
(once for each key sequence) or once (once for the "binding"). If the
latter, which key sequence is used as the first arg?

If FUNCTION is called once for each key sequence in KEYMAP, then that's what
the first line of the doc string should say.

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