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Re: map-keymap doc not clear

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: map-keymap doc not clear
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 16:18:47 -0500
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>> 1. It's not clear to me what is meant by "the event" and "its
>> binding". Aren't we talking here about a key sequence and
>> its binding in KEYMAP?

>     The "event" is a "key" (not a key sequence: just one key).
>     Its binding is either a command or another map (if the key is a prefix
>     key).

> 1. I'm only saying that the doc is unclear to me.  If you think it's clear,
> leave it as is.

Obviously, it's not clear to you, so it could use some improvement.  I only
explained it, in the hope that we can then come up with a better wording,
once you understand it.

> My impression is that the doc generally speaks of, say, `C-k' as a "key
> sequence" not as an "event".

For most functions, we manipulate sequences of input events (i.e. key
sequences) rather than single input events.

> In particular, "a sequence of one event is always a key sequence".

Right, just like a list of one element is still a list.
map-keymap's function argument is called with an event as argument, not
a sequence of events.

> 2. I still have the question about whether FUNCTION is called for each
> binding or each key sequence.

I don't understand the question.


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