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Re: autoload and auto-compression-mode

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: autoload and auto-compression-mode
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:20:41 -0600 (CST)

Stefan Monnier wrote:

   It looks good except for the fact that `default-suffixes' is too general
   a name for this variable (it was OK in the context of the C code, but in
   the context of elisp it should include `load' somewhere in the name to make
   it clear that it refers to suffixes used for the `load' operation).

and Richard Stallman wrote:

       + is not required.  Normally includes the empty string.  */);

   Is that really true?  Doesn't it normally include more than
   just the empty string?

It did not say "Normally only includes...".  But anyway, it seems that
the only objections to my patches are the name and the docstring.
Stefan proposed load-no-suffix-suffixes, but since it is related to
the NOSUFFIX arg to load, I prefer load-nosuffix-suffixes.  If that
name and the following docstring look OK, I will replace everywhere in
the C and Lisp code default[-_]suffixes with the new names and install
my patches.

  DEFVAR_LISP ("load-nosuffix-suffixes", &Vload_nosuffix__suffixes,
         doc: /* List of suffixes that are not treated as suffixes\
by `load'.
Loading a file tries these suffixes and no others if no \"real suffix\"
is allowed.  It tries them after the suffixes in `load-suffixes' if
a suffix is allowed, but not required.  It does not try them at all if
a suffix is required.

This list should include the empty string.  If Auto Compression mode
is enabled, as it is by default, it also includes the suffixes in
`jka-compr-load-suffixes'.  */);

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