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Re: warnings before opening very big directories

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: warnings before opening very big directories
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 02:14:22 +0300
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> I just verified that this option is easy to find using customize-browse.
>     BTW, every time I need to increase the default value of the variable
>     controlling the maximum size of file above which a confirmation is 
> requested,
>     I can't remember its name.
> The name is `large-file-warning-threshold'.  Perhaps the name
> `file-size-warning-threshold' would be more coherent with
> usual Emacs conventions, thus easier to remember or guess.
> Do you think so?

I don't think any other name would make it easier to find this user option.
What is missing is a direct explicit link to the option name.

>     This is not user-friendly.  This warning misses a link to the user option
>     where the user can change its value.  Maybe, the y-or-n prompt should 
> contain
>     a line pointing to this user option?
> I do not want to start putting option names into messages.

Then what about using a Help key to display the additional information?

When seeing this yes-no question the user might wonder *why* this question
is asked, and this key will display the Help buffer with explanations
and a link to the corresponding user option.

For instance, query-replace already provides Help keys C-h, f1, ?
for displaying the Help buffer with the information about available keys,
and it adds the hint "(? for help)" for the end of the query-replace prompt.
y-or-n-p could do the same with e.g.

    File is large (11MB), really open? (y or n) (? for help)

Juri Linkov

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