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Re: emacs-unicode-2 does not display U+3333

From: Hongzheng Wang
Subject: Re: emacs-unicode-2 does not display U+3333
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 01:04:04 +0800


Thank you for your explanation.  I think I understand this problem now.

The problem is really due to the lack of some glyphs in the font I'm
using.  In fact, U+3333 is not covered by DejaVu fonts at all.  It is
displayed properly in other editor, say gvim, just because fontconfig
automatically uses another font to display it while emacs does not
regards fontconfig yet.  I also tested other disappeared chars.  Both of
them can be displayed well if I force emacs to use a proper font
covering these glyphs.

On Fri, 2007-06-22 at 17:04 +0100, Jason Rumney wrote:
> Hongzheng Wang wrote:
> > Jason Rumney wrote:
> >   
> >> Try a different font. It may be that the font you are using claims to
> >> support that character, but doesn't have a glyph for it.
> >>     
> >
> > I'm afraid not.  I can re-produce this bug with the font DejaVu Sans
> > Mono, which does contain the Unicode char 0x3333 (in Common section).
> >   
> According to the truetype font engine built into Windows, it only
> supports the following scripts:
>  symbol lao arabic cyrillic greek latin
> So it seems the font is not declaring its support correctly.
> xft / fontconfig probably lets you override such brokenness, but the
> brokenness may be deeper - eg it may declare that character to have a
> width of 0 or something similar.

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