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Re: Emacs fails parsing gdb output

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Emacs fails parsing gdb output
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 23:26:20 +1200

 > >   ...What's the difference betweeen gdb and gdba?  I wasn't able to
 > > find anything documenting the difference, according to the docs they
 > > seem to do roughly the same thing.
 > > M-x gdba assumes that GDB is being run with the "--annotate=3" option.  M-x
 > > gdb filters the output to determine whether GDB is being run with
 > > "--fullname" or "--annotate=3".  The former gives the old Emacs 21
 > > functionality (or lack of it!) and is worth using if all else fails.
 > As someone read somewhere that --annotate=3 should be used with
 > Emacs22, that's what we're using with Emacs22.  So if all "gdb" (sans
 > "a") does it trying to figure that out, "gdba" is what we should and
 > will use.
 > > So they do indeed do the same thing, in most cases, when "--annotate=3" is
 > > used (the default).  There is a problem when GDB commands like "run" are
 > > included in GDB scripts because these get run _before_ GDB commands that
 > > Emacs uses to set up the mode.  Perhaps I'll add a note in the manual.
 > Something in there about how "gdba" and "gdb" differs would be great!

This is a suggestion to the mailing list, but also a RFA to RMS.  Now that
gdb-ui is part of the release, how about renaming gdb to gdbf and gdba to gdb
on the trunk so that the new mode takes the focus?

This would ensure that GDB initialisation scripts that start execution don't
cause problems with "M-x gdb".  It would also mean that using "-fullname" would
only work for "M-x gdbf", for which it could be the default.


Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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