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message.el user References control

From: jidanni
Subject: message.el user References control
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 03:52:13 +0800

In message.el, the user should be given some variables in case he
wishes to have some control over the wads of References, and their

<   "Trim REFERENCES to be 21 Message-ID long or less, and fold them.
>   "Trim REFERENCES to be jidanni:1 Message-ID long or less, and fold them.
<   (let ((maxcount 21)
>   (let ((maxcount 1);jidanni
<       (setq refs (nreverse refs)
>       (setq ;refs (nreverse refs);jidanni off

Here I just keep one Reference, the last, which, though small, will
maintain chains, where as hardwired "first 21", will break them!

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