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Re: A Zine/Newsletter for ELPA

From: John Yates
Subject: Re: A Zine/Newsletter for ELPA
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2022 11:24:53 -0400

These goals seem to conflate multiple wishes:

> Somewhere where new packages and releases can not only be announced
Announcements have limited shelf life.  They should be handled via
some form of notification mechanism.  Perhaps an ELPA section in
Sacha's Emacs News would suffice.

> but also commented on and "reviewed".
This seems to suggest a review site.  (A quick web search suggests
that there are frameworks out there to facilitate creating such
sites.)  That said, posting opinions seems of low value and rarely
actionable (see below).

> Perhaps also a place where people can post ideas for packages
This is a conversation.  Would not a mailing list suffice.  What is
wrong with help-gnu-emacs?

> or where abandoned packages can find new maintainers.
How would this relate to https://github.com/emacsattic?

> Basically anything on the topic of Emacs packages, in one package.
Seems too amorphous to be sustainable.

My two cents...

I am very impressed with Eli's leadership of emacs development.  Look
at all the goodness that is going into version 29, his commitment to
tightening the release cadence, his willingness to say 'no' to both
RMS and bikeshedders, etc.  To have my support, a proposal should
serve to enhance Eli's contributions.

More immediately, look at his effort to drive toward better
abstraction and unification of the existing find-file and
find-sibling-file with Damien Cassou's pending related-files.  This is
exactly the sort of effort I would hope to support.  I see such
activities as curation.  Thus I could imagine an emacs-curate mailing
list.  I would be happy to subscribe.


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