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Re: A Zine/Newsletter for ELPA

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: A Zine/Newsletter for ELPA
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2022 11:12:19 -0300

I'm interested!
I want to help, but I am a weirdo who uses weird tools...
I'll have to learn the, aham, "normal" tools to be able to help.
What do you think about brainstorming by IRC?
     Eduardo Ochs

On Sun, 16 Oct 2022 at 07:16, Philip Kaludercic <philipk@posteo.net> wrote:
> Sacha Chua <sacha@sachachua.com> writes:
> >> but also commented on and "reviewed".  This seems to suggest a review
> >> site.  (A quick web search suggests that there are frameworks out
> >> there to facilitate creating such sites.)  That said, posting
> >> opinions seems of low value and rarely actionable (see below).
> >
> > Prot does a great job of writing blog posts and often making videos about
> > his new packages, which are usually posted to GNU ELPA. I link to these in
> > Emacs News, and they'll probably come up in searches as well. I notice that
> > interesting new packages tend to get picked up in blog posts and Reddit
> > threads in the weeks after the packages are published. I currently don't
> > have the time to summarize posts beyond quick links, but perhaps someone
> > would like to do a monthly round up like the way This Month in Org does?
> This is totally understandable, but yes something like "This Month in
> Org" would be good reference.
> >> Perhaps also a place where people can post ideas for packages
> >> This is a conversation.  Would not a mailing list suffice.  What is
> >> wrong with help-gnu-emacs?
> Nothing is wrong with it, it is just that there are plenty of people who
> don't know or don't follow it in detail.
> > I sometimes see conversations like that grow out of mailing lists or
> > web-based forums like Reddit. Ideas are pretty easy to float, though, and
> > it's hard to match them up with a person with the same itch. It seems to
> > work out better when people share what they've figured out so far, then
> > other people say they want something like that too, and then the code gets
> > turned into a package.
> >> or where abandoned packages can find new maintainers.
> >> How would this relate to https://github.com/emacsattic?
> That is for packages that have lost a maintainer, right?  So the package
> must have gone on without any maintenance for long enough for someone
> reviewing patches and fixing issues like new warnings or the usage of
> deprecated functions.  I was thinking about a place where a maintainer
> could announce that they don't have the interest or the time to attend
> to a package, so that a replacement could been found sooner.
> > When there's an announcement, I usually put it in a Help Wanted section at
> > the start of Emacs News.
> I did not know that you do that, in that case this specific idea is
> superfluous.
> >> I am very impressed with Eli's leadership of emacs development.
> >
> > Eli is awesome!
> 1+
> >> More immediately, look at his effort to drive toward better
> >> abstraction and unification of the existing find-file and
> >> find-sibling-file with Damien Cassou's pending related-files.  This is
> >> exactly the sort of effort I would hope to support.  I see such
> >> activities as curation.  Thus I could imagine an emacs-curate mailing
> >> list.  I would be happy to subscribe.
> >
> > Andres Ramirez has been sending me links to interesting emacs-devel
> > messages for possible inclusion in Emacs News. I'd love to get other
> > people's links and notes as well. I read emacs-devel on a very cursory
> > level (mostly looking at subjects and what Eli replies :) ), so extra
> > context would be great!
> I didn't know this either, I will keep this in mind.  If there are
> interesting bug reports, would you be interested in my notifying you?

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