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Re: Seeking feedback: Tentative timeline for EmacsConf 2022

From: Leo Vivier
Subject: Re: Seeking feedback: Tentative timeline for EmacsConf 2022
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2022 08:30:35 +0200

Hi Amin, hi all,

It’s been a while!  Some of us have been busier in June than
anticipated, and that’s completely fine; however, we do have to get the
CfP out by the end of the month if we are to leave enough time for
people to send their proposals.

Amin gave us an update in another email (not on this list):

> I've resumed work on the EmacsConf 2022 CfP (as you may have seen
> on git.emacsconf.org) and I hope to have my initial pass finished and
> ready for review/feedback sometime tomorrow, and hopefully have the
> CFP officially out on Wednesday without any further delay.

Thanks a lot Amin!  We might have to tweak the date for CfP-end and
reduce some of the preparation time compared to what we planed; but, at
the end of the day, we’ll just end up within the same ballpark as last
year! :)

I’ll be available this week and the next for any work/meeting on this.

Leo Vivier
Freelance Software Developer
Website: www.leovivier.com | Blog: www.zaeph.net

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