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Re: [emms-help] emms-modeline

From: Lucas
Subject: Re: [emms-help] emms-modeline
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 22:17:44 +0100
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Mario Domgörgen <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello!


> Hereby i announce the brith of a (kinda) new module for emms! Modeline
> and titlebar infos are back in the newest cvs. Check out emms-modeline!

Thanks :) But i noticed some problems with emms-modeline :

* When no track is played, at Emacs startup, it displays "nil:", which
  is quite ugly :)
* On a dual frame Emacs (one for Gnus, for example), the inactive frame
  isn't updated with the new title.
* I think that's all for the moment


Lukhas / Lucas

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