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[emms-help] Gstreamer support

From: Lucas Bonnet
Subject: [emms-help] Gstreamer support
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 13:31:12 +0200
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Hi there !

I committed this afternoon a very preliminary gstreamer support, through
gst-launch. It is currently working with a wrapper script, because
gst-launch's syntax isn't really friendly with the way emms starts

The wrappers are for the moment identical, because i finally realized
that using the "spider" plugin for all types of files was giving better
results than forcing plugin.

It is currently splitted away from other emms files, as it's just a very
basic support, though it's working here.

Hope this could improve your EMMS experience :)

Lucas / Lukhas

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       (domain   "rincevent.net")
       (email    (concat account "@" domain)))
       (message email))

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