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[emms-help] `modeline' vs. `mode-line'

From: Daniel Brockman
Subject: [emms-help] `modeline' vs. `mode-line'
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 00:57:25 +0200
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I think it is important to use consistent wording (for practical as
well as aesthetical reasons) and since EMMS is a GNU project, I think
it is reasonable to expect it to adhere to GNU Emacs conventions.

Now, people have spent effort on changing every mention of `modeline'
to `mode-line' in GNU Emacs --- deprecating variables, faces, etc.
Could it be that this is something that should be considered for EMMS?
Well, except the part about deprecating:  We could just change, right?

It'll be easier to do this before total world domination is achieved.
I volunteer to do the actual work if people agree that it would be a
reasonable change; I have some stuff I need to procrastinate anyway,
and technically pointless changes like this turn me on.

Daniel Brockman <address@hidden>

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