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[emms-help] Re: emms-stream-toggle-default-action

From: Lucas Bonnet
Subject: [emms-help] Re: emms-stream-toggle-default-action
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 14:29:29 +0200
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Jorgen Schaefer <address@hidden> writes:
> Sounds very practical to me, and avoids the semantic issues.
> Shouldn't this be equal to the playlist management you wanted to
> write, modulo the saving to a file (which could be trivial)?

Ah yeah, come to think of it, we could put the 2  altogether, would be
nice :)

We can already save a playlist to a file, and restore a playlist from a
file ( emms-pbi-export-playlist and emms-pbi-open-playlist). And before
you react, Jorgen, I think we can move those in emms.el :)


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