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Re: [emms-help] By request: 1280x1024 Emms wallpaper

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [emms-help] By request: 1280x1024 Emms wallpaper
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 09:32:45 +1100
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Yoni Rabkin Katzenell <address@hidden> writes:

> By request, here are larger (1280x1024) versions of the Emms wallpapers:
> http://www.rabkin.co.il/yrk/emms/emms-wallpaper-large-light-grey.png
> http://www.rabkin.co.il/yrk/emms/emms-wallpaper-large-light-blue.png
> http://www.rabkin.co.il/yrk/emms/emms-wallpaper-large-dark.png

If these are generated from SVG, why not just paste that and everyone can make
whatever size images they want with inkscape/ImageMagick?

Trent Buck, Student Errant

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