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[emms-help] Regarding AlsaPlayer

From: Alejandro Benitez
Subject: [emms-help] Regarding AlsaPlayer
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 07:37:17 -0700


I've added some configuration notes regarding EMMS 1 and AlsaPlayer at



AlsaPlayer intro/features:

AlsaPlayer is a generic command line (--interface text) music player
that can play back a large amount of file formats, including CDDA (CD)
audio playback and icecast/shoutcast streaming support.

The name AlsaPlayer might be confusing a bit today since it now
supports a whole bunch of different output systems. The old default
OSS audio interface is supported, as well as Esound, NAS (Network
Audio Server), Sparc and SGI audio outputs. The most interesting new
output is JACK.

Best regards,


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