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[emms-help] 2 little font lock glitches

From: Martin Schoenmakers
Subject: [emms-help] 2 little font lock glitches
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 22:34:45 +0200 (CEST)

First off, congrats on the release guys. EMMS has improved a lot, from what I can tell.

Unfortunately, I've spotted two little glitches with font locking in the playlist buffer.

#1: kill an entry, then run emms-playlist-mode-undo. The restored emtry is not font locked, presumably until played. This doesn't seem to be 100% consistent. Sometimes it works fine.

#2: play a song, kill the line above it (maybe not strictly required to be this line), then yank the line back (that position is the key). The newly yanked line is now marked as the currently playing song instead of the one that's actually playing.

Both fall into the category of 'funky but harmless', but probably warrant looking into anyway.

Also, thanks for the quick C-k killing/not killing the newline fix ;)

Martin "Aiviru" Schoenmakers

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