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[emms-help] emms-<add>-...

From: T. V. Raman
Subject: [emms-help] emms-<add>-...
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 06:14:56 -0700


I came back to using emms after about a year --- and really like

I've created an emms-prefix-command and corresponding prefix key
and placed things like emms-play-find and emms-play-directory etc
on it.

I dont want to use additional keys for the corresponding <add>
versions; would be nice if the emms-<play>-xxx commands did an
add if called with a prefix arg.

Even nicer would be to have the meaning of prefix arg being <add>
vs <play> being customizable.

Finally, many of the emms custom settings fail to work when
called through M-x customize --- primarily because they appear to
be declared with incorrect types.

Best Regards,

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