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[emms-help] New emms-volume-amixer-raise and emms-volume-mode

From: Martin Schoenmakers
Subject: [emms-help] New emms-volume-amixer-raise and emms-volume-mode
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 00:36:44 +0100
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Recent changes to emms-volume-amixer-raise (basically duplicating
emms-volume-mode except using a slightly different method) makes the
function unsuitable for use with the volume mode. I /think/ the change
isn't really necessary because emms-volume-mode already does the same
job, though if one hated the way the volume mode works, I could see
having it as an alternative (though in that case I'd recommend providing
it as a customizable alternative way for emms-volume-mode to work,
rather than a hack to one volume back end). In general, I'd prefer
minimal 'user' functionality in the amixer file, because it's mainly
designed as a back end for the volume mode, but if I'm alone in that
it's not a big concern.

Do like the volume feedback it gives now, though. Nice job on that. Just
the way things work when /both/ volume 'management' functions kick in is
less than optimal ;)


Martin 'Aiviru' Schoenmakers

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