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[emms-help] a couple of problems (mp3info and tags)

From: NAKAMURA Toshikazu
Subject: [emms-help] a couple of problems (mp3info and tags)
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 23:02:09 +0900
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I have been configuring EMMS for a few weeks and have got it to work
just fine, except a couple of problems.

1. mp3info (win32) accepts the filename only after all the other
   arguments. I noticed a similar problem was reported in the mailing
   list and a patch was applied to emms-tag-editor.el but
   emms-info-mp3info.el also needs a change.

2. When I change the filename while editing a mp3 tag and submit the
   change, emms-tag-editor.el causes an error when it calls
   emms-cache-set-function. The order of arguments passed to
   emms-cache-set-function is wrong.

3. When I delete some info items reducing them to null strings and
   submit these changes, emms-tag-editor.el fails to set changed
   values to the tag. In order to make these changes effective, it
   seems different parts of emms-info-mp3info.el and
   emms-tag-editor.el need to be rewritten.

For 1 and 2, I have written a simple patch, which seems to work fine.
The last one is a little tough for me, though I have dealt with it
somehow for the moment. Since I am just a beginner in emacs lisp, I
send the patch for 1 and 2 and would like you to look into the last
one if you can.

NAKAMURA Toshikazu

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