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[emms-help] emms-mark-mode conflict with emms-playlist-mode-go

From: Ye Wenbin
Subject: [emms-help] emms-mark-mode conflict with emms-playlist-mode-go
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 11:36:05 +0800
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The emms-playlist-mode-go ensure the emms-playlist-buffer is in emms-playlist-mode, so if the mode is emms-mark-mode, the playlist will back to emms-playlist-mode. Is it necessary to call emms-playlist-mode every time in emms-playlist-mode-go?

Also set emms-playlist-default-major-mode to emms-mark-mode is not work,
because a new buffer call emms-mark-mode to set major mode didn't set
emms-playlist-buffer-p to t, the variable is set in emms-playlist-new.
So there a pretty way to resolve this problem?

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