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[emms-help] [PATCH] emms-player-mplayer.el (emms-player-mplayer-subtitle

From: Luca Capello
Subject: [emms-help] [PATCH] emms-player-mplayer.el (emms-player-mplayer-subtitle-checker): allow subtitle even for URLs
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 16:49:16 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.0.50 (gnu/linux)

Hi all,

this is my first post to the mailing list, please be kind on me.
BTW, please Cc: me, I'm not subscribed to the list.

The following patch is against forcer's darcs repo [1] and allow mplayer
to search for subtitles even on URL.  This has been tested with the
file:// and http:// and protocols, the latter on localhost, however.

Comments, suggestions?

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

[1] http://www.kollektiv-hamburg.de/~forcer/darcs/emms

New patches:

[emms-player-mplayer.el: allow subtitle even for URLs
Luca Capello <address@hidden>**20080106152951] {
hunk ./emms-player-mplayer.el 90
-                                (and (eq (emms-track-type track) 'file)
-                                     (file-exists-p i)))
+                                (or (and (eq (emms-track-type track) 'file)
+                                        (file-exists-p i))
+                                    (eq (emms-track-type track) 'url)))


[New var: emms-playlist-limit-hook.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20071121113028] 
[MPlayer supports .ape files now.(at least from 1.0rc2)
William Xu <address@hidden>**20071121112846] 
[When calling file-exists-p, make sure it's operated on a regular file. (This 
is the cause of the various tramp errors..)
William Xu <address@hidden>**20071104143856] 
[Only add emms-info-* to emms-info-functions when required program actually 
William Xu <address@hidden>**20071104132746] 
[emms-lyrics.el: (emms-lyrics-find-lyric), Use 
`emms-source-file-directory-tree-function' instead of forceful 
William Xu <address@hidden>**20071022090151] 
[Replace `nnheader-concat' with `concat + file-name-as-directory' to make 
XEmacs happy.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20071014063932] 
[emms-streams.el: add docstring for emms-stream-toggle-default-action
[emms-streams.el: update Philosomatika stream URL
[Move emms config files to a common directory: ~/.emacs.d/emms.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20071012024503] 
[emms-playlist-limit.el: Fix typos and minor updates.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20071008070917] 
[emms-player-mplayer.el (emms-player-mplayer-subtitle-checker): Replace
 / with _ in track names.
[emms-browser.el: bind n and p to next- and previous-line.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070906201831] 
[emms-lastfm: Allow emms-key-value to take a buffer argument.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070906192215
 I'm trying to track down some weird "error in process sentinel:
 delete-process: Selecting deleted buffer" errors that occur when I
 poll with emms-lastfm via a timer and start gnus (which blocks until
 it is finished retrieving email for all inboxes).
 These changes don't fix the problem, but they make me feel safer
 nonetheless :^) .  I suspect that it might be caused by a URL.el bug
 involving deleting the wrong buffer which was pointed out by Diane
 Murray last month.
[emms-browser: Fix compiler warning.  Presumably the committer meant to write 
"performer" rather than "composer".
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070906191904] 
[format-spec expect spec character as a-zA-Z
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070902024848] 
[Error commentation in emms-i18n
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070902024825] 
[Wrong function in emms-history
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070902024732] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070829093557
 - If emms-browser-covers value is a function, call it with a directory as its 
   say.  (Before it was called with a file)
 - Also add to its doc-string that its second arg is a symbol (its size).
 - Support all image types emacs knows.
[lastfm: Allow user to specify which type of tracks get submitted
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070819170235] 
[emms-lastfm: New option emms-lastfm-submission-verbose-p
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070819153739
 This controls whether EMMS notifies the user every time a track is
 submitted.  The default is not to do so.
[Drop eval-when-compile around (require 'overlay)
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070819150408] 
[Use slightly different XEmacs overlay fix
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070818185218] 
[XEmacs does not load the overlay functions by default: load them here.
Nix <address@hidden>**20070818134016] 
[Add support for composer and performer tags.
Nix <address@hidden>**20070818133412
 The browser keybindings are somewhat discontiguous to avoid breaking
 people's finger macros: browsing by composer and performer are `b 5' and
 `b 6' respectively, where artist is `b 1'. 
 In the tag editor, I changed the note format character to %;, making room
 for composer as %c.
 I've not added support to last.fm for composer or performer, as it doesn't
 seem to support either. (I suspect that in most cases the composer should
 be reported as the artist if it is present, but that is not impolemented
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070817150402] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070817100310
 When I implemented the renaming stuff, I was not aware that Ye already thought
 of this feature.  When editing a track, one can edit the filename and the file
 will be renamed and the cache updated.  Now renaming by hitting `R'
 (`emms-tag-editor-rename') in the playlist makes use of this functionality
 instead of doing it on its own.
[Simple players now use their regex property as they should.
 emms-player-simple.el (define-emms-simple-player): `playablep' now
 uses `emms-player-get' for the regex property, instead of using the
 hardcoded regex, as it should. Thanks to Ye Wenbin for noticing this
 old bug.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070816070106
 I fixed the problem with the cache I mentioned in my last patch.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070815183247
 With `R' in a playlist (calls `emms-tag-editor-rename') the file(s)
 corresponding to the (marked) track(s) or the track at point will be renamed
 according to the format specified in `emms-tag-editor-rename-format'.
 Work ok for me, but there's a little problem maybe someone can fix:
   - If users use the cache it has to be updated somehow.  `emms-cache-sync'
     seems to remove the renamed files.  So you have to re-insert all renamed
     tracks to get them into the cache again.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070815080114
 This path makes some refinements in emms-history.el:
   - Start playback after `emms-history-load' only if
     `emms-history-start-playing' is non-nil.
   - Added customization group emms-history
   - defvar -> defcustom
   - better docstrings and commentary
   - Added Info docs. (Node "Persistent Playlists")
[emms-score.el: change score-file to something more sane
 ~/.emms can be an EMMS config file, whereas ~/.emacs.d/ is already used
 to store the stream bookmarks file, so use it for the score file too.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070802200758] 
[Fix compiler warning in emms-setup
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070723023532] 
[emms-playlist-limit: Use standard enable/disable/toggle interface
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070723023452] 
[emms-streams: New option emms-stream-repeat-p
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070723020304
 Instead of assuming that everyone will want to automatically repeat a
 streamlist if it runs out of tracks, make this controlled by the
 `emms-stream-repeat-p' option, which defaults to nil.
[emms-player-mpd: Fix bug with selecting an individual URL track to play from a 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070723015956] 
[emms-player-mpd: Make callback arg for emms-player-mpd-sync-from-emms optional
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070723015722] 
[emms-playlist-sort.el: Bind "s s" to emms-playlist-sort-by-score.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070719065003] 
[emms-setup.el: Enable emms-score in emms-devel.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070717131538] 
[emms-lyrics.el: Set default value for emms-lyrics-dir to ~/music/lyrics.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070717100946] 
[emms-playlist-sort.el: Remove emms-playlist-sort-prefix to make the
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070717095454
 codes more clean. And steal "s" prefix key from
 `emms-playlist-mode'. (An alternative for emms-playlist-mode could be
 "v", same as XMMS)
[emms-playlist-limit.el: (define-emms-playlist-limit) Fix prompt string bug.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070717082536] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070712062052
 Patch sent by "Alfred M. Szmidt" <address@hidden> in
 <address@hidden> on the emms-users list (with
 slight modifications).
[Avoid even the most remote possibility of a conflict with color-theme.el and 
its very bad replace-in-string function
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070712211444] 
[emms-playlist-limit.el: Add missing line: (define-emms-playlist-limit 
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070711071022] 
[emms-playlist-limit.el: Minor updates.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070709103714] 
[emms-playlist-limit.el: Update Copyright to GPLv3.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070708140012] 
[emms-playlist-sort.el: Minor updates.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070708120050] 
[emms-playlist-limit.el: Redefine functions emms-playlist-limit-to-* with
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070708115907
 macro: define-emms-playlist-limit.
[emms-playlist-limit.el: Add default value based on track at point for
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070708040809
[New file: emms-playlist-limit.el. And minor updates to emms-playlist-sort.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070705160221] 
[emms-player-mplayer.el: Add "eng.srt", "chs.srt", "cht.srt" to
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070630124728
[Updated NEWS for post-3.0
[TAG 3.0
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