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[emms-help] Working with playlists

From: cothrige
Subject: [emms-help] Working with playlists
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 17:58:56 -0600
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I am new to emms, and it has worked very nicely for me so far.  There is
one thing though that I cannot figure out, and after having read through
the documentation, the websites and googled for information I am going
to ask for help here.

I have set up cover art in my directories, at least for some of the
music, and this shows up just as expected under both the browser and the
playlist as long as I add albums or artists from the browser.  However,
having a large filelist I like to keep my playlists to load later in
order to restart more quickly without having to select various music for
each listening.  I used both emms-history-save and emms-playlist-save to
keep my current playlist, but when I restarted emacs and loaded the
lists I found that the whole structure was gone and instead of artist
names with album art and title above an indented list of tracks there
was just a list of tracks.  I have also found that if I shuffle or sort
the playlist the same thing happens.

What I am wondering is if there is a way to save a playlist, or shuffle
it, and not lose the album art, artist and album structures from the
original?  Can such be restored somehow after loading the list?  Or is
there perhaps a better way than I have tried above to use playlists
between sessions and manipulate them?  The documentation is very
excellent for emms, but I have had little luck finding much about
playlists outside of references to buffers themselves within a running
session, which in this case isn't quite what I need.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


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