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[emms-help] Problem with Alsaplayer

From: Alejandro Benitez
Subject: [emms-help] Problem with Alsaplayer
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 22:55:52 -0300


I had problems playing files with EMMS/Alsaplayer, getting the following error:

if: Don't know how to play track: (*track* (type . file) (name .
"/home/john/sample.mp3") (info-mtime 18495 26588))
EMMS: All track information loaded.

I changed the following line in emms-player-simple.el

(define-emms-simple-player alsaplayer '(file url)
  (emms-player-simple-regexp ".ogg" ".mp3" ".wav" ".flac" ".pls"
".m3u" "http://";)
  "alsaplayer" "--quiet" "--nosave" "\"--interface text\"")

to the following:

(define-emms-simple-player alsaplayer '(file url) (regexp-opt '(".ogg"
".mp3" ".wav" ".flac" ".pls" ".m3u" "http://";)) "alsaplayer" "--quiet"
"--nosave" "\"--interface text\"")

Now my EMMS can play files back again.

What's wrong?

Many thanks in advance.

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