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[emms-help] Chinese file names

From: Leo
Subject: [emms-help] Chinese file names
Date: Tue, 05 May 2009 02:22:13 +0100
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Hi there,

I am using mpg123 player in emms and it plays songs with English file
names nicely. However, for Chinese files I can get following error:

| High Performance MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 Audio Player for Layers 1, 2 and 3
|      version 1.7.2; written and copyright by Michael Hipp and others
|      free software (LGPL/GPL) without any warranty but with best wishes
| [readers.c:970] error: Cannot open file /Users/Shared/iTunes Music/  & 
/Unknown Album/    .mp3: No such file or directory
| [mpg123.c:535] error: Cannot open /Users/Shared/iTunes Music/  & /Unknown 
Album/    .mp3: File access error. (code 22)
| Process emms-player-simple-process finished

as you can see all Chinese characters have been replaced with spaces and
thus mpg123 complains 'No such file or directory'.

I get the above error by re-defining:

(defun emms-player-simple-start (filename player cmdname params)
  "Starts a process playing FILENAME using the specified CMDNAME with
the specified PARAMS.
PLAYER is the name of the current player."
  (let ((process (apply 'start-process
                        ;; splice in params here
                        (append params (list filename)))))
    ;; add a sentinel for signaling termination
    (set-process-sentinel process 'emms-player-simple-sentinel))
  (emms-player-started player))

The coding system of the above `process' is (undecided-unix . iso-latin-1-unix).

BTW, mpg123 can play those Chinese songs in terminal.

Any idea how to fix this?

.:  Leo  :.  [ sdl.web AT gmail.com ]  .: I use Emacs :.

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