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Re: [emms-help] Emms and mpd

From: David Engster
Subject: Re: [emms-help] Emms and mpd
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 16:41:15 +0100
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AvataR <address@hidden> writes:
> I just get latest emms update
> (903e2484fa658eef9b4dc8bbd0bf4958f7233242), and mixing files for several
> players now complitely broken, if basic player is mpd.
> I.e. i have players mpd and mplayer. I add to playlist mp3 files. All
> ok. Then I add video to playlist. Now emms broken - I couldn't play mp3,
> and couldn't play video. 

Hi there,

I made several changes to emms-player-mpd.el, which should now hopefully
correctly deal with tracks in the playlist not handled by mpd.

I also introduced a new variable `emms-player-mpd-ignored-extensions',
where you can add extensions which mpd shouldn't play (although it can
technically handle them). By default, I added some usual video
extensions there. This way, the default setup of emms-player-mpd should
now work again.

I'd appreciate if you and other people using mpd could test this. I
pushed these changes into a new repository
"git://randomsample.de/emms.git". For those not familiar with git, you
can for instance pull these changes by doing

git checkout -b mpddevel
git pull git://randomsample.de/emms.git master:mpddevel

You can then return any time to the original branch by doing

git checkout master

To make testing more attractive, I added a new feature which displays
the current mpd status in the mode-line. This is somewhat similar to
what emms-playing-time does, but by querying mpd directly, the displayed
time is always exact (which was really an issue with emms-playing time,
especially with seeking), and you can display additional information
like current bitrate, volume, current track-number and the length of the
playlist. For details, see the variable
`emms-player-mpd-mode-line-format'. You can activate this feature by

(emms-player-mpd-mode-line-toggle 1)

in your .emacs, or by calling this function interactively.

Bug reports welcome.


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