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[emms-help] emms-player-mpd: current song not highlighted, playlist not

From: Alexis
Subject: [emms-help] emms-player-mpd: current song not highlighted, playlist not consumed
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2014 20:00:12 +1100

Hi all,

i use mpd in 'consume mode' - i add songs to my playlist, which then get
deleted from the playlist once they've been played.

emms-player-mpd does not seem to work with consume mode. A track entry
in the EMMS playlist is not removed once that track has been played; nor
does the highlighting change so that the currently-playing track is
highlighted. Instead, the first track in the playlist remains
highlighted, although `emms-player-mpd-show` correctly displays the
currently-playing track.

Refreshing the playlist by pressing 'g' (`emms-player-mpd-connect`)
shows the played tracks deleted from the playlist, and the
currently-playing track at the top of the playlist, highlighted.

i could, of course, add some advice, or redefine a function, such
that `emms-player-mpd-connect` gets called upon track change; but this
brute-force approach seems to be papering over either a bug or a lack of
knowledge on my part about how to configure things correctly.

Any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation,


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