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[emms-help] Using EMMS as a Matroska Annotation Tool

From: Dan LaManna
Subject: [emms-help] Using EMMS as a Matroska Annotation Tool
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 18:41:34 -0400

Hi all,

I stumbled upon EMMS when looking for a tool that I could use to
annotate media files (mkv files to be  specific). After glancing through
it seems like EMMS is a great tool for playing media, and doing at least
preliminary tagging (via emms-tag-editor-mode), however I noticed the
set of tags it supports is rather limited compared to say,

Additionally it looks like there isn't a notion of "chapters" in EMMS,
however this is something I would be interested in annotating as well.
The ideal workflow here I think would be to use emacs to scan through
videos marking points to add chapters to.

Being unfamiliar with EMMS, does the list think the vague feature set
I'm describing is within the scope of EMMS? If so I would be more than
glad to take a stab at it (no guarantees). Any guidance would be


Dan LaManna

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