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[emms-help] [PATCH] mpv player

From: Petteri Hintsanen
Subject: [emms-help] [PATCH] mpv player
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2017 17:39:22 +0300
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the attached patch adds support for mpv (http://mpv.io)
It is mostly copy-paste from emms-player-mplayer.el and emms-player-simple.el

The main difference from mplayer is that mpv has local socket IPC instead of stdin slave mode. Therefore the code generates a temporary socket file for each player invocation, and carefully tries to remove that file after player exits. A simpler version could use a fixed socket file, maybe via defcustom, but then concurrent mpv processes would get mixed up. I am not sure if that rather theoretical risk warrants the complexity, though.


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