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website update

From: Yoni Rabkin
Subject: website update
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2020 15:18:38 -0500
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Hello all,

The Emms website is old; very old.

Working on a website isn't my idea of fun, and the version control for
the website is CVS (just how Savannah works.)

Nevertheless, it is time to update the Web face of
Emms. Consequentially, I would like to ask two things:

    * Question 0: Does anyone want to take it upon themselves to
      redesign the Emms website? I'll do it if there are no takers, but
      I'm asking just in case.

      There are no requirements to be able to take on the job, since I
      personally have exactly 0.0f qualifications to make a website. If
      you feel like you have 0.1f or above, please volunteer.

    * Question 1: What would you like to see on the site?

   "Cut your own wood and it will warm you twice"

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