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Re: emms-info-native

From: Grant Shoshin Shangreaux
Subject: Re: emms-info-native
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 21:23:41 GMT

Grant Shoshin Shangreaux via writes:

> fwiw i just tried importing my Music directory with emms-info-native

i cant tell if this is user error or something with the info-native
function, but i just noticed that the tracks i already had loaded in the
cache db are now "doubled". if i enter one from the smart browser, it
ends up putting two entries in the playlist.

im thinking it is unrelated to emms-info-native. i did something like

  - emms-cache-clear to remove the tracks i'd already loaded
  - emms-add-directory-tree

now that i'm going through it again, it seems to only be a some of the
tracks i already had. i'll try to recreate again and open a new thread
if i uncover an issue.


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