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playing remote files

From: Grant Shangreaux
Subject: playing remote files
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 10:23:01 -0500

hello all!

i've got a media library on a remote machine being served with
supysonic, which implements the subsonic api. i don't really know how it
works, or if making emms a subsonic client is worth the trouble.

however, i discovered that i can use `emms-add-directory` and Tramp to
add remote files to my playlist and that `mpv` knows how to play sftp
uris. the trouble is, the Tramp filename syntax is not a uri.

i've been thinking about different ways to go about this. i could
manually create a playlist of sftp uris for the media, but that throws
out the nice synergy of EMMS and Tramp working together. i could hack
into `emms-add-directory` to detect the /sftp: Tramp syntax and then add
the tracks as url types, transforming the Tramp path to a uri. This has
the downside of missing out on the file type metadata. The Tramp
filename actually allows me to use the tag editor to operate on remote
files, which is a bonus. This leads me to think of a third option, which
is to hack into the player side of things and transform the Tramp path
into a uri to pass as an argument instead of a filename. I'm not sure
how general it is, and how many players support it though. Which brings
me to thinking a new *track* type might be appropriate?

Any thoughts? Is this work worth doing? It seems like it might be more
conventional to figure out how to set up `mpd` on the remote and just
use EMMS's interface to that.

Tokṡa ake
Grant Shangreaux

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