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Visual differences between tracks added via emms-browser and emms-play-d

From: Björn Bidar
Subject: Visual differences between tracks added via emms-browser and emms-play-directory
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2022 12:45:32 +0200
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I noticed that there are visual or semantic differences between how the
emms-browser adds tracks and the emms-play-directory adds tracks.

First emms-browser-adds the tracks not via the function that then in the
end calls 'emms-track-description' but draws the track information into the
playlist itself.

There are several issues with that from my point of view.

When the tracklist is restored or emms restores the connection between
external sources such as mpd the context is different.

When the user uses emms browser he adds a track from album y or just all
tracks from album y.
When Emacs then restarts it is not the track that is played but the
files that where in the history or the files that mpd has in it's

It looks different and the semantic view changed.

The second issue is if I use external helpers such as helm or other
programs that control the playlist source such as other mpd clients
manipulate the playlist the context also changes, it is again about the
files and then the tracks but not only about the tracks.

To solve this I think the track description function should be used in
any case and than the playlist should decide itself how it is drawn.

The three controls would be the type of layout: file vs. track metdata
based layout.
The second would be the format string how to display either.

The third is how those tracks should be group up - no grouping,
group by folder, group by artist and so on.

I noticed these differences mostly while using helm-emms which looks
like it works the like the emms browser but it doesn't at first I
thought it was the issue of helm.



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