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Re: issue tracking options

From: Björn Bidar
Subject: Re: issue tracking options
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 07:25:03 +0200
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Yoni Rabkin <yoni@rabkins.net> writes:


I started using Emms recently and thought of the same.

> Emms has never had an issue/bug/feature tracker. But I want people to be
> able to see what issues are currently being addressed, and the
> direction/s Emms is going.

That would be good, updating the website for such things would also
Plus the webfrontend for the mailinglist is to out date, a more modern
frontend such as mailman3 would help.

> The Savannah issue tracker is Web-based, old, clunky, and centralized. I
> have no intention in using it, and I certainly don't want to force
> others to deal with what I don't want to deal with.
> I think that we can manage with a git repo which contains an issue list
> as a text file: bullet-proof, fast, doesn't require a web browser,
> decentralized, in-line with the way Emms itself is being developed.
> However, I don't think that Savannah will allow me to open a separate
> git repo; they only have two per-project, and the other one is for the
> site (and runs CVS... oof.)

You have can have separate branches that don't share the same root
However using Git for such use cases sounds like a nightmare for several
1. User friendly ness especially for beginners.
2. Conflicts
3. The need for a predefined format, layout.
4. Lack of links between  bugs for things such as dependencies.

While Debuggs isn't that good for anyone that doesn't use Email it is
the closest one that I would think of as useful and easiest to setup.



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