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Re: issue tracking options

From: Yoni Rabkin
Subject: Re: issue tracking options
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2022 11:50:53 -0500
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> What do other people here think? Which, if any, of the following
> options would you be willing to work with for issue tracking for Emms?
> I. a text file such as doc/issues.txt
> II. a text file such as doc/issues.txt in a separate "issues" branch
> III. debbugs
> IV. a separate git repo

I've let this hang for a while now and have only received feedback from
one person. I appreciate what I did get, so thank you for that.

At the moment there is a branch called "issues" with the file

Please feel free to add issues and notes to that file. It is just a text
file and no special permission or coordination required. There also
isn't a strict format for writing down issues. If someone has a good
suggestion for a format, please edit that file and implement it.

I'm in the process of collecting issues that have been reported and that
I have written down in different places and dumping them in the
issues.txt file.

If the file gets unwieldy, we'll move up to a more structured solution.

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