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Re: Updates to emms-mpris: please test!

From: Björn Bidar
Subject: Re: Updates to emms-mpris: please test!
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2023 04:03:44 +0200
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Yoni Rabkin <yoni@rabkins.net> writes:

> "Fran Burstall (Gmail)" <fran.burstall@gmail.com> writes:
>> Nice work.  I am going to be travelling for a couple of weeks but will fold
>> all this into emms-mpris on my return.
> It's now all in the main branch.
> I'm not 100% sure it makes a lot of sense to link mpris and mpd via
> emms, nor does it make a lot of sense to me to change the local volume
> through mpc.

I think it depends on the setup. In my case for example I wanted to use
emms as sole client for mpd, in such cases it makes sense to let mpris
control mpd through emms
Not to mention that emms that doesn't like when other clients control
the mpd daemon (it doesn't check for any changes regarding the played
media such as play and pause).

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