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Re: Any appetite for patches for EMMS support for SNES SPC files?

From: Grant Shangreaux
Subject: Re: Any appetite for patches for EMMS support for SNES SPC files?
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2023 20:21:58 -0500

> Warren Wilkinson <warrenwilkinson@gmail.com> writes:>

I'm interested in using EMMS to cue and control SPCs! Its cool you've
hacked on this.

>> Yoni Rabkin <yoni@rabkins.net> writes:
>>> What is the licensing situation surrounding this format? Has Nintendo
>>> released the specifications under a free license?

It looks like SPC as a format itself was developed by the ZSNES
developers based on what I could find. Its source code is under GPLv2 I
believe, its a bit hard to locate. 

>>>From what I gather, the data in an SPC file is a 64 kb memory dump of
>>> the audio chip on the SNES.

the metadata isn't. it sounds like the Elisp code would simply read the
metadata. see libspctag as a GPL3 licensed version of reading the ID666

> It sounds like it was internal to Nintendo, and therefore never publicly
> published.
> It's an interesting question. I'll ask the people over at the
> emacs-devel mailing list what they think, since Emms is installable from
> within Emacs.

sounds prudent, even though it seems safe-ish to me. i certainly haven't
had to deal with any kinds of these issues. It would certainly be
horrible to have Nintendo come after Emacs with some DMCA nonsense.

Tokṡa ake
Grant Shangreaux

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