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Re: [Enigma-devel] Enigma is now part of GNUWin II

From: Marcio Luis Teixeira
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Enigma is now part of GNUWin II
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 05:22:36 -0700
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On Sunday 22 December 2002 06:23 am, Martin Hawlisch wrote:

> Enigma is now part of the GNUWin project, a free software compilation for
> Windows.

And I'm the guilty party :) I signed up with them a little while ago and have 
been packaging games for them.

The version on there is 0.50 but I'ld love to put in the 0.60 version before 
the disc goes public, so please let me know when you guys have a Windows 
binary that you are comfortable with.

I could also use a German translation of the description, if anyone wants to 
volunteer one.

Marcio Luis Teixeira

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