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Re: [Enigma-devel] Scroll mode problem

From: Karen Pouelle
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Scroll mode problem
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 19:00:49 +0000

> > Is the "align to screens" actually broken or is it intended to overlap
> > a single column?

On 6/25/05, Ingo van Lil <address@hidden> wrote:
> Actually it needs to overlap a single column. Otherwise one side of the
> marble would have to leave the screen before the display flips over.

It's not the transition point that's the problem in mode 3,
but that the scroll falls one column short. Mode 2 isn't really a
"flip the screen" but more of a partial flip to screen.  Simply
scrolling or flipping to a view one more column farther will
solve this -- creating mode 5 and 6, "flip entire screen" and 
"scroll and align to next screen" respectively.

Here are the available modes again:

1: scroll the screen, 2: flip the screen, 
3: scroll but align to screens, 4: keep marble at center.

Ball leaving the screen entirely and the appearing on the
next screen -- that's what "align to screens" implies to me.  

And "flip the screen" does not flip quite right; it leaves the
single column from the last screen on the next.

The description "scroll but align to screens" was a lie.

So to do this properly and leave your older screen modes intact,
two more screen modes are needed.  As you can see running
this test level below, It needs to align on the screens before I
can finish the level I am making that requires screens not being
visible from one to the next until transit to them occurs.

<level width="40" height="13">
    <name>Scroll Test mode 3</name>
    <author>Karen Pouelle</author>
    <copyright>Copyright (C) 2005 Karen Pouelle</copyright>
    <license>GPL v2.0 or above</license>
  <option name="reset" value="NO" />
  <option name="oxydflavor" value="a" />
  <option name="shuffle" value="YES" />
  <option name="scrolling" value="3" />
    <fill kind="fl-bluegray" />
    <row y="0">rock 19</row>
    <row y="1">rock 19</row>
    <row y="2">rock 1 space 15 rock 1</row>
    <row y="3">rock 1 space 15 rock 1</row>
    <row y="4">rock 1 space 15 rock 1</row>
    <row y="5">rock 1 space 15 rock 1</row>
    <row y="6">rock 1 space 15 rock 1</row>
    <row y="7">rock 1 space 15 rock 1</row>
    <row y="8">rock 1 space 15 rock 1</row>
    <row y="9">rock 1 space 15 rock 1</row>
    <row y="10">rock 1 space 15 rock gradient4</row>
    <row y="11">rock 19</row>
    <row y="12">rock 19</row>
    <row y="0">-20 glass 19</row>
    <row y="1">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="2">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="3">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="4">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="5">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="6">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="7">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="8">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="9">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="10">-20 - -18 glass</row>
    <row y="11">-20 glass -18 glass</row>
    <row y="12">-20 glass 19</row>
  <items />
    <actor kind="ac-blackball" x="36" y="11" player="0" />
  <signals />
  <lua />

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