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[Enigma-devel] Mirror/Rotator bug?

From: Tarim
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Mirror/Rotator bug?
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:42:21 +0100

In Enigma 0.92 under Windows98 (sorry), Tarim found what looks to him like a bug:

C is a rotator stone
/ is a transparent mirror
< is a west facing laser

  If there is a gap between the rotator and the transparent mirror, like so:

C / <

Then the rotator changes direction, as expected. However, if there is no gap, like so:

C/ <

Then the rotator doesn't change direction! Oh, except in the case where the mirror is end on, like so:

C- <

  Or if the light beam is reflected by the mirror like so:

/ <

Then it does change direction as it should. Almost as if it is hit by a "primary" beam then it triggers, but if it is hit by a "secondary" one, then it doesn't (or does it somehow get triggered twice?)

This doesn't seem like the correct behaviour and, as far as Tarim can tell, makes Enigma 3 #22 Automaton, impossible.

It may or may not be relevant that Tarim is running this on an ancient Pentium <100MHz and does have problems with some levels because there is not enough processor power. (For instance, if there are more than about 6 marbles in hollows in a meditation level, then everything pretty much freezes up.) So Tarim would be interested to learn if anyone can reproduce this behaviour (it seems consistent here.)

  Thanks to everyone for all the great work you do on this game.

P.S. Tarim also thinks that Alien Glyphs 3 could do with a hint in it - but that's because despite having solved Alien Glyphs 1 and 2, and things like Patterns, Tarim still hasn't got a clue about it. It's probably going to be so obvious...

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